The BWPD is dedicated to the development of women and young people

Burundian Women for Peace and Development  ( BWPD ) is a foundation created in the Netherlands in 2001.

Geopolitics in Africa is changing.  Women must play an active role in these changes. home.vrouwen werken
To make this possible the education and training of women has to be improved.  It is vital that they learn to communicate well amongst themselves and to share their experiences with one another.  When women learn to use their knowledge of their community and its problems they can effectively avoid new conflicts.

In Burundi and Rwanda women make up the majority of the economically active population.kl.home.vrouwen werken 3

In contrast, the women are severely underrepresented in public administration and government office. The traditional role of women as peace builders goes unrecognized.  BWPD feels strongly that through recognition of the role of women and education of young people the crisis in Burundi can be overcome. A positive attitude on the part of the Dutch people is essential.  The Burundian women want to work together with the Dutch on the reconstruction of Burundi.

Integration is a necessary part of participation in Dutch society for the Burundians living in the Netherlands.  It’s not easy for young Burundians to grow up and develop in this country. The BWPD wants to play a constructive role in this process as well.

The goals that the Dutch Burundian women have set for themselves are:
- Strengthening the role of the Burundian women.
- Integration into Dutch society.
- Taking part in the peace process in their homeland.
- Helping the international community solve the chaos in Burundi.
- Being available to help in the reconstruction of Burundi.