Integration into Dutch society is important. Before the war the educational system in Burundi was good and most Burundians received a good education. Even so, it’s difficult to find the social position in the Netherlands that fits the level of education received in Burundi. The barriers and obstacles need to be cleared away.

The Burundians themselves have taken the initiative to improve their place in society. Empowerment is the key. Meetings have been held about integration and dealing with trauma. afbeelding_rotterdam_056

  • In Rotterdam research is being done about the social problems of immigrants from Burundi, Rwanda, and DR Congo – the African Great Lakes Region.
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  • Gatherings were held in Conferentiecentrum Mennorode in Elspeet mennorode
    about coping with trauma. During the first meeting the theme was how to recognize trauma and how the healing process works. During the second meeting trauma and mutual assistance were discussed.
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