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Civil war has torn Burundi apart since 1993.  Families have been broken up, thousands of children have been orphaned, and a whole generation has not been educated.  Many people are ill. The number of AIDS and HIV patients is enormous, and health care is practically nonexistent.
Most Burundians earn their living as farmers; now their livelihood has been destroyed by the war.  
Many families have fled the country.

There is reason for hope:  a democratic government was elected in 2005. The women of Burundi are beginning to work the land again to make it ready for planting. Through the International Red Cross and other means it has been possible for Burundians who have fled the country to contact family members left behind. The peace process and economic redevelopment of the country has begun, and the Burundian people are working hard to realize these goals.
Burundian refugees want to contribute to the reconstruction of Burundi.

The Burundian Women in the Netherlands want to do their part in working toward Peace and Development in Burundi.

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In het centrum Amahoro heeft BWPD-Burundi in de laatste week van de schoolvakantie vakantie activiteiten georganiseerd voor de jeugd, in de leeftijd van 3-5 jaar; 6-9 jaar, 10-14 jaar en 15-20jaar.



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