The chairwoman of the BWPD, Stephanie Mbanzendore, took part in the conference about the deployment of the National Action Plan for the implementation of United Nations Resolution 1325 in Burundi on September 23, 2011 at the Burundian Ministry of Human Rights and Gender.


This conference was organized together with Cordaid and The Global Network of Women Peace Builders in New York. Representatives of NGOs, embassies, UN agencies, and the private sector took part in the conference, which was officially opened by the Senior Vice President of Burundi, Therence Sinunguruza. During his speech he promised that his government will support the activities of the National Action Plan (NAP), and he asked all parties to commit themselves to emphasizing the importance of women. Following the presentations concerning the context, the structure, and the prospects for implementing the NAP the participants jointly concluded that:


  • They welcome the steps already taken in terms of women’s involvement in government (43%) and in the Senate (50%).
  • A draft of the NAP has been developed and is ready for adoption.
  • The government, the UN, and other partners recognize the need to join forces for the practical implementation of the National Action Plan.
  • Agreements must be made ​​for raising and managing funds. To provide funding, new partnerships among private investors should be sought out.
  • It will be necessary to technologically and financially reinforce civil society as its cooperation is vital to the implementation of the NAP.


On 26 September, Cordaid followed up the conference by organizing a day for women’s organizations in Bujumbura to develop a long term strategy with as program, "Women’s Leadership in the process of peace and security in Burundi.”